Hakiri Records is a German record label that’s mainly orientated around the music of its owner Dominik Fröhlich who is a techno producer from the city of Nuremberg.

The imprint’s latest release is an experimental five-track EP with avant-garde ideas layered with raw percussion that switches between broken rhythms and linear patterns.

Dominik Fröhlich is a relative newcomer who has only put out a handful of releases since his debut in 2018, but he is clearly someone who focuses on quality over quantity and that’s always nice to see.

Nacht” is a five-track EP that opens with the title cut and it is a tension-building track that blends breakbeat percussion with epic synths that swell with modulation.

Second on the release is “Izanagi” and it lifts the tempo with its ticking percussion and submerged atmosphere that has a linear four-four kick rhythm as its driving component.

Pentalpha” is a twisted track with a chunky kick drum and a wonky bassline that creates an intense atmosphere full of trippy vibes and raw energy.

The fourth track “Pandora” is possibly the strongest on the release, as it’s a perfect blend of funky breakbeat percussion and dystopian pads and when merged together, creates an aggressive groove with lots of atmosphere.

Last but not least, is the pulsating groove of “Delusion” and its use of dystopian pads with fast-paced percussion is both tranquil and full of energy. It’s one of the stand-out productions from the release and has a great end-of-the-night vibe.

You can pick up a copy of the full EP from HERE