Italy’s Mind Games Recordings is run by Luca Maniaci, an artist known for his contributions to the likes of Josh Wink’s legendary Ovum Recordings and Florian Meindl’s FLASH in recent years.

Rome-based Alessandro Cocco is the artist behind the newest five-track EP that also enlists the label boss himself for a cameo with his powerful and rocking remix. Having studied sound design in London and now returned home, his exquisite style has also landed him on to Black Line, Eclipse and Coded Platform, while he is soon to appear on Robert Hoff’s trau-ma imprint.

His newest EP Unsolved Case has been supported by the likes of DVS1, Marco Bailey, Noneoftheabove, Luke Slater, Klaudia Gawlas and Fernanda Martins which are some definite seals of approval for this quality techno package.

The whole EP is a floor-working mix of throwback techno weapons, simplistic to some, raw and stylish to others. Alessandro uses thundering percussion and stripped-back grooves with bleepy, modular elements and a sci-fi aesthetic to help engross the listener. This quirky collection is a functional set of DJ tools as well as allowing his production expertise to be known to those who have a desire to discover hidden details.

“Unrevealed Secret” is a standout for us, with bouncing toms and shimmering modular licks it’s a dynamic and spirited cut whereas another track like “Until Tomorrow” is a hypnotic and hedonistic style with waves of tension and subtle mood swings from the morphing lead tone.

You can buy a copy HERE.