Exetra Records is a peak-time techno imprint that’s been making waves in 2022 as one of the year’s breakthrough record labels.

Much of the label’s output orientates around music made by its owners MOTVS and IMPULSE FACTORY, but its roster also includes up-and-coming artists such as Brisa (ES), PAM & MARGOT and Sergio Axe.

The record label is closing out the year with a pounding solo track release made in collaboration by MOTVS and IMPULSE FACTORY who together have produced “Rock”.

“Rock” is a powerful track with a rumbling bassline and powerful lead synth that is shrouded in an aura of dark atmospherics and thrashing offbeat percussion. It’s got eerie tension and euphoric melody stabs that give contrast to the other elements to create an edge-of-your-seat excitement.

It’s an impressive release in a similar style to others such as UMEK and Reinier Zonneveld, plus it’s already picking up DJ support by the likes of Space 92.

Out now, you can buy the music HERE.