The Mekanism starts 2023 with a deep tech remix of Valeria Croft on the Suleiman record label.

Based in Paris and well known across Europe and other parts of the world, The Mekanism is a master at finding the perfect balance between soulful grooves and stripped back atmosphere. His sound is both hypnotic and energising with bumping percussion, loopy grooves and jazz-inspired sounds.

Valeria Croft is also a respected DJ and producer who has flourished in her hometown of Helsinki, Finland. Her sound is a melting pot of influences from other electronic music genres as she merges techy percussion with dubby pads and murky atmospherics.

The release opens with the first of Valeria Croft’s two original tracks “Thankful”, which has sparkling textures and rolling snare fills layered with trippy vocals and shimmering pads.

Second is The Mekanism’s remix of Thankful and it’s a funked up version that brings the original’s vocal into focus while also adding some chunky percussion and a new bassline.

“Affectionate” is the second of the original tracks and it’s got a deep and tranquil groove with sensual vocals and breezy synths that give the track an uplifting vibe.

You can buy a copy from HERE.