Curating a remix package for any label is a difficult task, but Italy’s Concrete Records seem to take it in their stride with yet another quality trip into contemporary techno. Featuring some rousing and respected talent such as Giorgio Gigli and Evigt Mörker from Sweden, it’s another superb addition to their high-calibre back catalogue.

The limited vinyl EP contains primarily remixes, but it also features an original track from Maurizio Cascella and a remix by Phooka, who are both some of the masterminds behind the label project itself. Their imprint Concrete has welcomed high-flying artists such as Lucy, Tensal, Cassegrain, Luigi Tozzi and Svreca to feature with outstanding contributions since launching in 2012.

Track one is the Evigt Mörker remix of “Disegno 7” which uses psychedelic layering with a funky, rolling rhythm and characterful, bouncing bassline. Second up is its original counterpart which is an instant wall of wobbly sub bass, delicious shakers and soft, metallic chimes. The contemplative and fairly stripped-back sound design allows space and tension to be delivered with total exactitude.

The flip side of the record begins with an abstract percussion pattern of broken kicks and wispy tones. Giorgio Gigli is behind this remix and he applies his take to “Disegno 1.2” with help from Marco Ariano, who adds a new sonic dimension with vocals and extra rhythmic vibrations. Label honcho Phooka adds his almost classic, electro-inspired cut as the final rework. Jerking kicks and an eerie two-step hook are partnered with minimal style clicks as the breakdown causes a dramatic teardown and subsequent build-up towards the ripping analogue synth line that dominates the latter half.

Out now, you can pick up a copy HERE.