UMEK’s record label 1605 continues its Desiderati 4 mixed artist series, and the latest instalment features four thundering techno cuts.

Each track has elements of UMEK’s own sound and it also features label debuts by Danny Avila, Novem Vivit and Benjamin Di Bora along with returning artist Heerhorst.

Danny Avila is a Spanish artist who hosts a respected radio show called Mainstage Techno and his track “Atlantis” is steadfast techno with sturdy percussion and a solid bassline. It hits a moment of euphoria with the angelic pads of the breakdown before dropping the percussion back in to step things up a notch.

Heerhorst often collaborates with Teenage Mutants, but his track “XTC” reminds us that he is a skilled producer in his own right. XTC has fluttering synths and chanting vocals layered with sweeping synths and thundering percussion. It hits a breakbeat drum loop in the breakdown, before the four-to-the-floor kick steers the track to a driving finish.

Novem Vivit has previously worked with the Cosmic Boys’ Legend and Metodi Hristov’s Set About. He pops his 1605 cherry with the soulful vocal sample and menacing synths of his track “Feed Your Soul”.

Benjamin Di Bora is an Austrian artist who recently dropped some music on The YellowHeads record label and continues to build his reputation with this high-paced track “Mind Body Connection”.

Pick up a copy of the release from HERE.