HDDNSYMBLS is a new techno record label by Los Angeles based Orly Gal and the new release features three collaborative tracks by the label owner and Sleepy Cat.

This is the first time that Sleepy Cat and Orly Gal have teamed up to work on music together, but both are well-known as DJs within the Los Angeles scene.

Orly Gal has previously showcased her dark and driving style of techno on other record labels such as KD RAW, Ushuaia Music and BLOK. Sleepy Cat has a smaller back catalogue but has made prior releases on the likes of Audiophile XXL and LouLou Records.

The EP is titled ‘OS’ and opens with the track “Money Breaks” which starts with an atmospheric intro that blends lurching synths with crackling distortion before leaning into a hypnotic percussion loop.

“Sahara” is a pressure cooker of a track, as it unfolds with building intensity and a peak time energy delivered by the thrashing hi-hats and relentless pounding of the kick drum. “Confusion” closes out the release with an array of aggressive percussion that unleashes a monstrous sound upon the dance floor.

Some of the DJs supporting this release include Shlomi Aber, Arnaud Le Texier, Sian, Echoplex and Klaudia Gawlas.

You can buy a copy HERE.