Rabih Rizk is a Lebanese artist who makes organic deep house and indie dance with melodic synths and lots of atmosphere. His exciting newest release is an EP on Baikal Nomads.

Featuring two techy originals alongside a solo remix by Dario Klein and a collaborative remix from Matija & Richard Elcox. The remix versions add a new dimension to the EP which complements the original versions.

This is the second time that Rabih Rizk has featured music on Baikal Nomads and he is also known for his contributions to other scene-leading record labels such as Magician On Duty, Heimlich Musik and Pipe & Pochet.

The remix artists also have impressive resumes, as Dario Klein has worked with the likes of Abracadabra Music and Bar 25, while Matija and Richard Elcox have teamed up for tracks and remixes on labels such as Cosmic Awakenings, Shango Records, Kosa and Camel Riders.

Baraka” is the EP’s opening track and it’s got acid synth stabs and spiralling percussion that intermingle with epic synth pads.

Come With Me” is a lot more spacious in comparison to the previous track and has jovial synths that are sequenced into jerking rhythms.

Dario Klein’s remix of Baraka adds a new bassline and boosts the tempo while stripping back some of the percussion parts so the synths and spiralling effect have space to breathe.

Matija & Richard Elcox drop the tempo with their remix of Come With Me and strip away much of the original’s synth parts while also adding a new bassline. Their chugging rework orientates around the delightful tones of the original’s pitched vocal melody.

You can buy a copy HERE.