Spektre are a long-standing duo of techno producers from the UK whose new release is expertly produced peak time techno.

Featuring two original tracks that are dark and driving, ‘Delusion of Choice’ is an EP that is everything fans of Spektre have come to expect. Not only does it have slamming percussion, it also has captivating synth hooks and vocals that add to the ominous vibe they have created.

This release is on their record label Respekt, which is an imprint that shares their intense style, and also includes releases from other artists such as Mha iri, Spartaque and Marco Bailey. It’s arguably a double A-side where both tracks would be perfectly suited to a peak time DJ set, and it’s already been picking up support from the likes of Space 92, Tiger Stripes, Joyhauser and Christian Smith.

The title track “Delusion of Choice” is first up, and it’s a dark and eerie track with creepy vocals, acid synths and ominous pads with grinding tones. Its breakdown sections introduce spiralling synths that build tension, and the slamming drums power the groove.

Harbinger” is second of the two tracks, and it fuses euphoric synth melodies with dark atmospherics to create a menacing contrast of sounds. It’s characterised by the lurching bass synths that are introduced after the main breakdown to great effect.

You can buy a copy HERE.