Ziriguidum’ is a new deep tech single from Bass On The Flow who is a Brazilian artist from Florianópolis. He is a relatively new producer who put out his first official release in 2022, and since then has been building a solid back catalogue including labels such as Platform 7, Fleshtones and Realism93.

Bass On The Flow is a talented DJ who has translated his mixing skills into production, and he creates dance floor friendly tracks that have all the ingredients to get people moving. His latest release comes via UK-based Ciclé Records, and this single is the imprint’s eighth EP following music by other artists like Fazza UK and Gussi (UK). The label continues its steady trajectory after establishing a style that ranges from tech house to minimal.

Ziriguidum” gets its groove moving with a tight kick drum and eerie atmospheric sounds that create a dark atmosphere. Upbeat hi-hats and stuttered vocal textures fill the track with energy, while the rolling bassline and sensual female vocal provide a focal point.

It’s a well-produced track, which has just enough diversity to keep things interesting, while also taking a less-is-more approach.

Get a copy HERE.