Massimo LogliGain Records starts 2024 with a techno release featuring original music by Massimo Logli and a remix from record label owner Sisko Electrofanatik.

Lolita” is the solo original on the release, and it’s a driving slice of acid techno that has similarities to Massimo Logli’s previous outings on other techno imprints such as Frankyeffe’s Riot Recordings.

Sisko Electrofanatik also leaves his mark on the release with a tantalising remix that adds uplifting elements to the driving energy of the original. It’s an accomplished rework that is on par with the music that Sisko has put out on the likes of Carl Cox’s Intec and Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave.

First up is the original mix of “Lolita” which has an atmospheric opening with sensual vocal tones layered over ominous synths. When the drums and bassline are introduced, the meat of the track is a thickset groove that is led by an acid synth.

Second is the Sisko Electrofanatik remix that changes the mood of the track with a new lead synth that has uplifting energy. He also works in his own breakdown section that builds tension leading to the introduction of the melody. It’s a great remix that complements the original.

The release is already getting support from the likes of Regal, Drunken Kong and Ilario Alicante.

You can buy the music HERE.