Hot Oasis

Hot Oasis taps into his Egyptian heritage with a new organic house EP on Sol Selectas.

There are two original tracks by Hot Oasis, who alongside being a Sol Selectas regular, has also worked with other record labels such as Lump Records and Stil vor Talent. The second of his two tracks, “Farfasha” is a very unique production that combines breakbeat drum rhythms with traditional Egyptian vocals and instrumentation.

The release also includes a remix by Sabo and Sarkis Mikael who team up to deliver a trippy new take. Both of these guys are from Los Angeles in America, and they are working together for the first time. Sabo is the Sol Selectas owner, and Sarkis Mikael is well respected for his mesmerising contributions to record labels such as A Tribe Called Kotori, Sounds of Khemit and Hoomidaas.

A X L completes the package with a remix combining melodies from his Egyptian roots with sequenced electronic sounds, in the style he has also released via outlets such as Kosa and Camel Riders.

The original mix of “Ghazali” opens this release with Egyptian vocals by Aziza, whose voice fills the release with deep emotion, while flowing percussion and dynamic synths create an epic groove that’s full of suspense.

“Farfasha” is the second original, and it’s got a highly distinct style, with a bouncing groove created by its breakbeat drum patterns. The santoor melody is played by Bahramji who adds Egyptian flair with his use of the traditional string instrument, and the moody pads create a tense atmosphere.

Sabo and Sarkis Mikael create a psychedelic vibe with their remix of “Ghazali,” which switches to a 4/4 drum pattern. A X L lifts the tempo with a jubilant remix of “Farfasha” that sees him add some new synths which play vibrant Egyptian melodies.

Get a copy of the release from HERE.