Maxim Lany‘s label Lany Recordings is Belgium based and along with releases from the label boss himself, has featured tracks and remixes from the likes of Sierra Sam, Larse, San Soda and Stavroz.

One of the artists in recent years who have been pivotal to the Lany Recordings sound are a young duo called Sue Avenue, who made a big impact with their release on the label with the track “Homeless“.

Homeless was an official cover of Crystal Waters classic anthem Gypsy Woman, and the track “Try” on Sue Avenue’s latest release follows the same formula of soft dreamy vocals, with the warmth of delicate synths built around expertly sequenced percussion.

Their latest release titled Back From Home also features Brett Johnson on remix duty, and he has provided two distinctly different version of “Try“. One of his remix version’s titled the “Filter Freak Dub” is vinyl only, and the main mix also on the digital release is “Brett Johnson Main Vox Remix“.

We have been lucky enough to premiere the Main Vox Remix by Brett Johnson, which deep and melodic, has the originals smooth uplifting vibe, with some new synths and a more up-tempo backing track.

The release will soon be available from HERE.

LANY026 - Sue Avenue - Back From Home