Him Self Her - Shelley Johansson

John Digweed‘s label Bedrock kicks off 2018 with a Techno focused release from Canadian artist Shelley Johansson.

With a tough and Techno focused sound, Shelley Johansson’s style is perhaps a bit tougher than some might expect from Bedrock, but the synth lead breakdowns on tracks like “Nocturnal Bright” and “Slow Rise” have the melodic elements commonly associated with Bedrock’s trademark sound.

Before this release, Shelley Johansson has released exclusively with Sian‘s label Octopus, and the dark tension of these tracks is certainly reminiscent of those thundering EP’s.

Broken City” is the obvious lead track from this EP with dramatic lead synths and distant vocal murmurs, which add haunting drama to the already captivating atmosphere, but for us the EP’s stand out track is “Tribaltone“.

Tribaltone starts out like the standard kind of Techno you might hear in a DJ set by the likes of Adam Beyer or Alan Fitzpatrick, but takes an unexpected turn with breakdown filled with prominent tribal percussion and a flute sample. If you are old enough to remember Cave’s classic track “Street Carnival” then think of a slightly more relaxed version of that and you are on the right lines.

Overall this is a fantastic release that can be purchased HERE.