Him Self Her - Andre Crom

Josh Wink’s label Ovum Recordings has been a prominent feature of electronic music over the last two decades, with seminal releases from artists such as Loco Dice, Scuba, Steve bug, Perc, Reset Robot, KiNK and of course the label boss himself.

The artists listed above are just a small snapshot of the Ovum history, as its roster is always expanding, and its most recent release welcomes German artist Andre Crom.

Andre Crom like Ovum Recordings has a constantly evolving sound, and this EP showcases the Techno focused side of his taste, which like his recent outings on other labels such as Sleaze and 100% Pure is dark and driving.

Starting with the Detroit influenced pads of “Expansion” things get deeper with the phazey percussion and commanding vocals of “Work It“. The second half of the EP has the dubby sounds of “Chordal” plus the pitched tom drums and looped vocals of “Feel“.

Covering a broad spectrum of techno, this release opts for sophistication rather than aggression, and leans towards the deeper side of the genre, whilst still packing a punch that’s perfect for the dancefloor.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.