Him Self Her - ETUILTD012 - Various Artists - Etui Winter Camp 4

German label ETUI Records originally set up in 1998, is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, and to mark the occasion has compiled a special eleven track release. Featured on the release are some familiar faces from the label’s back catalogue, combined with some fresh blood making their first appearance on the imprint.

Deep and dubby with a stripped back sound, the release opens with the ethereal mystery of ambient electronica tracks by Bony Stoev and Submoon, as it builds to the whispering textures of Monomood’s “Fall” before the first kick drum is introduced.

Once things get more rhythmical with the rigidity of a kick drum, the LP stays on a level with murky tracks that paint sonic pictures of open space with the distant horizon broken up by wispy outlines of industrial structures.

Dystopian and tranquil, the release is finished with electro influenced broken rhythms of Rebar’s track “Morning Routine” which brings things to a close.

This LP is not ground breaking in terms of challenging the listener with experimental sounds or unusual ideas, but some things are timeless, and each of the expertly sculpted tracks has its own individual personality.

Well crafted with each of the tracks telling a small part of an overall story, this LP definitely works best listening as an album, and can be purchased HERE.