Nightcolours Recordings run by Chris Forshaw and Javier Orduna is a label with a deep and stripped back sound, and its latest offering sees the welcome return of Perúvian artist Luis Leon.

Prior to this release, Luis Leon has been a regular on Chapter 24 Records, and this is his second EP on Nightcolours Recordings following his label debut in 2017.

With an ever expanding fan base and releases on a variety of other imprints, Luis Leon’s latest outing is a spectacular example of his talents in the studio. Fusing a spacious sound with ambient textures and melodic warmth, the lead track “Alpha” is both subtle and mesmerising.

Luis Leon also provides an extended alternative mix which is stripped back to focus on the synths and melodic elements. Label owner Javier Orduna also provides a reworked version with a spooky atmosphere and shadow casting mood, which has stark contrast in comparison to the light and breezy original.

We have been lucky enough to be honoured with an exclusive first play of the original track from the release, and for those wishing to purchase a copy the release is available to pre-order from HERE.

NCR029 - Luis Leon - Alpha