In its C Y C L E S series, the back catalogue of pioneering label Constant Circles gets fresh reworks from a curated selection of artists. Volume two presents new interpretations from D’Phault, Landikhan, Denite, Agatha Pher and TR20.

We open proceedings with the D’Phault remix of ‘Darkness’ by Nandu ft. Marc Facchini, a fusion of delayed vocals, latin inspired guitar, and downtempo percussive elements which combined create a deep, moody number, reminiscent of its title ‘Darkness’.

Next up is Landikhan on the remix of ‘In The Dark’ by Just Her ft. Kieran Fowkes. The stunning vocals from Kieran feature heavily in the track, whether it be cuts doused echo and reverb or the raw breakdown, the marriage of the vocals and the warm bass and snappy percussive hits is a winning combination here.

Following on we have Denite providing a remix for another Just Her track, this time featuring Ryan Murgatroyd, with ‘Empty Minds’. An increase in pace from the first two tracks on the release, a charged beat from the offset, layered in the breakdown with vibrant keys, white noise and a military grade snare roll. High energy levels in this track throughout as the shakers and drum elements are unrelenting in their drive.

Giorgia Angiuli has been making waves recently, whether it be her releases, or her live shows, improvising with everything from lightsabers to hand puppets! Here her track ‘Deep Moan’ is remixed by Agatha Pher, a slowly building slice of techno, with resonant pads building with arpeggiated synths modulating, creating a frenzied energy from early on in the track. Deep low end bass and weighty kick provide a strong backbone as the many melodic elements dance their way through the track.

Last up we have the TR20 remix of ‘Silence’ from Just Her. Sharp shakers and crisp snares layer a repetitive sequence of synth lines working in tandem to build anticipation in the intro,  taking us up to the breakdown whether the vocal cuts in. As the synth from the intro work their way back in and rise around the vocal leaving you craving the drop. The whole track has a dark, sexy, 80s feel, as if it has come straight from a movie soundtrack.

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