Him Self Her - Somnium

Somnium seems to be surrounded in a shroud of secrecy, as apart from the picture included in this post little is known about him, except that he makes exceptional music and recently dropped a debut release on Whistleblower.

Fans of Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot and Rhymos’ label Whistleblower will already be aware that the label until now has been a platform used almost exclusively to release music from its owners. Simon Baker under his BKR alias was before Somnium, he is the only other person to have released music on the label outside of founding members.

If you recognise the photo of Somnium’s face then perhaps you know who he is, or tell if it’s a new artist or a new alias for someone that has already established himself under a different name.

The title cut “Young Giants” opens proceedings, its soothing introduction with a delicate melody lures a false sense of calm before the growling bassline hits and the track transforms into something of a monster.

After the speaker shaking first track finishes “Seraphim” is next on the EP, and its exquisite synth line is eloquence captured in audio. Soaring high above the clouds, this light and floaty track has an uplifting mood that captures the imagination of all who hear it.

Chiron” is last on the release with an understated melody and stripped back sound similar to the works of label boss Aaron aka Rhymos, and was there not a picture of Somnium it could be enough to imply he was the man behind the name.

Stylish and well-constructed, the sound of the EP is somewhere between deep techno and melodic tech house. You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.