We Are The Brave is a label project headed up by Alan Fitzpatrick, and the label shares the owners dance floor focused style of tgechno. Previous releases on the label have ranged from established producers such as Skream to fresh talents such as A.S.H.

The latest release on We Are The Brave is a three track EP from Scottish artist Harvey McKay whose impressive back catalogue includes music on Drumcode, Suara, Bedrock, Intec, and Octopus.

Harvey McKay is known for having an energetic party style and this release showcased the deeper and darker side of his sound with clattering percussion, pulsating synths, and Detroit influenced pads.

We have been lucky enough to have the exclusive first play of ‘Rush‘, which takes its title from the distorted vocal sample. ‘Rush’ has a mechanical groove with a heavy kick drum and synth bursts making up its tough sound perfect for the dance floor.

You can pre-order a copy of the release from HERE.

WATB021 - Harvery McKay - Set Back