Carl Cox’s label Intec Digital has championed the sound of many artists from all over the world, and in recent years Drumcomplex and Roel Salemink have been regulars on the label.

The pair are also solo artists with individual contributions to many other great labels, but when working together their combined output has consistently been of an exceptional standard, and along with Carl Cox they have many other high profile fans including Andre Crom plus Kaiserdisco who have both signed solo tracks to their respective labels.

On the latest Intec release titled Meteor is the second cut “Where Is The Moon” which is the deeper of the two cuts, and its looped vocals layered over an acid-tinged synth line has a slow building tension.

With a cosmic sound and subtle sci-fi influence hinted at in the title, this track is understated with a looped and hypnotic groove.

You can pick up a copy of the track from HERE.

ID166 - Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - Meteor