Him Self Her - Thomas Lizzara

Thomas Lizzara is an artist perhaps best known for his tech house grooves and his DJ sets in Berlin and other major European cites, but when it comes to music selection he also has a reputation for being eclectic and open minded.

His latest release on Kuukou run by Simina Grigoriu certainly shows his varied style as it’s got a tough sound that is unmistakably techno orientated. Fans of Simina Grigoriu will know of her style, and Thomas Lizzara’s new release on her label certainly fits that trademark, as it’s got a thick melodic lead sound mixed with heavy drum beats.

Often preferring to release via his own label a.life, but having also featured on imprints such as Great Stuff, it’s common for Thomas Lizzara to self-release his best material. In this instance though it would appear he has opted to give these exceptional tracks to an imprint that perfectly matches their style.

Alongside the two original tracks the imprint has also insisted on the skills of Spanish artist German Brigante who delivers a stunning remix of the title track “Right Direction”, and his version is a little deeper so it falls in line with the melodic sound which he is best known for. Having previously featured on Diynamic, Exploited, and Sincopat, this remix is a little harder than his usual, but it still has core elements from German Brigante’s honed style.

You can pick up a copy of the EP from HERE