Him Self Her - Uto Karem

Agile Recordings has been a regular home for the label owner’s music, but Uto Karem tracks have featured on many other labels including Tronic and SCI+TEC.

One of the people to have heavily influenced the scene in his home country of Italy and the Neapolitan area, in recent years it’s become a breeding ground for some of the world’s most talented young techno artists.

The EP’s opening track “Broken Sitar” does everything its name suggests, as it’s based around a sitar sample that’s been skilfully twisted and broken with FX until it forms the lead sound in a rather unique cut of techno.

“Rave Zero9” takes things to a whole other level, with its punishing clap rhythms and uplifting pads that build with an epic tension of cosmic proportions, and the trippy acid-line only adds to the epic drama that unfolds with this track.

Boxing off the EP “Saturn” has a similar sound palette to Rave Zero9 but it showcases the skill of Uto, as even though it’s got some similar selections of sounds, it’s a totally different track with a dark vibe focused on the hypnotics of a looped groove.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE