Him Self Her - Heads & Tails INC

Heads & Tails INC is a name previously unknown to us but after hearing their new release they have certainly caught our attention. It must be said that they have come from a rather unlikely source considering their style of music, but the best things in life often come from the places you least expect.

The reason why its caught us by surprise is that the tracks are a hard-hitting style of techno, but the label is UNER’s Solar Distance, which as this example goes to show is always outstanding regardless of genre, but the imprint is best known for a deep and melodic style usually focused towards house music.

Each track on the EP is very well put together, and its intensity lifts with the tracks getting progressively harder as the release unfolds. It’s opening cut “Borealis” doesn’t even have percussion, and its ambient intro style is in stark contrast to the thumping percussion of “Arctica” which closes the release.

Before this, Heads & Tails INC had done one other release so there is little online information about them, but we know they are from Barcelona in Spain, and we look forward to discovering more of their music in the future.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.