DEMOU is an alias of Cozzy D who has found fame via releases on imprints such as VIVa MUSiC, Lower East and Robsoul. Under his alias of DEMOU he recently featured a debut EP on Mother Recordings sister label Superfett Records, which can be purchased from HERE.

We are honoured to have DEMOU provide us with an exclusive mix, and also answer a few quick questions…

> Firstly I’d like to say thanks for recording us a podcast; please can you tell us a little bit about the mix, and any concepts that inspired it?

Thanks for inviting me to do the mix. I feel it showcases my diverse musical tastes and style. I’ve never been one of those Artists who makes or plays only one style. I love so much electronic music and have always enjoyed going on a bit of a journey in my sets. This set is very much on the house tip but features a mixture of funky disco house grooves to rolling tech tribal house. It features both tracks off my new Superfett release ‘Playboy’ & ‘Like Velvet’ as well as some of my other forthcoming tracks scheduled for release later this year, as well as tracks from Franck Roger, Superlover, Riva Starr, Denis Sulta & more.

> You have recorded this mix for us under your alias of DEMOU, but many people also know you for being Cozzy D. What separates the style of these two aliases?

To be honest the reason for the name change was more of a personal one. Musically it’s not that different to the tracks I had been putting out as Cozzy D in the past couple of years, however under the Cozzy D name a lot of people associated me with Lower East which I am no longer running, and also Creche which I am no longer involved with. So the name DEMOU is more of a rebirth and a sign that I have now matured as an Artist. The Cozzy D name was something I came up with when I was teenager playing Garage music and it kind of stuck, but I want to be taken more seriously as an Artist now and feel DEMOU which is actually my surname represents who I really am.

> Recently you dropped a new DEMOU release on Superfett, please can you tell us about this?

I released a single track JUNGLE BELLS on Mother Recordings last year which did quite well, and have since built up a great relationship with Nhan Solo and always wanted to follow up with something else under my DEMOU guise. I sent him PLAYBOY & LIKE VELVET earlier this year and he came back very quickly asking to sign them which I was very pleased to hear. I believe the guys are doing great things and am very happy to be part of the family.

> Going back to the topic of DJ’ing what’s your home set up like… do you still play the odd bit of vinyl, or do you prefer digital formats?

I have a pair Technics 1210’s that Ive had since I ditched my Soundlab Belt Drives way back in 2000. I have been collecting vinyl since 1998 and have a collection of about 8000 records. I also have a pair of Pioneer XDJ1000s and a Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Mixer. I play mostly off USB now but still buy and like to play records too.

> When is your next gig and do you have anything else you would like to add?

I’ve had a little break from DJing as I had to stop taking bookings under my Cozzy D name, to concentrate on launching DEMOU. Now the alias has finally launched I am in the process of booking gigs for the summer with Cyprus in the pipeline as well as featuring on a couple of Mother Showcases in London and more TBC.

Him Self Her - DEMOU