Him Self Her - Richey V & Simone Zino

Five tracks of thumping techno that cover a wide span of peak time styles is the new release on Redimension. Produced by Richey V and Simone Zino, its opening couple of tracks “Hysteria” and “Action” are both heavy with a brutal energy destined for causing destruction on a dance floor. Action is set apart by its vocal, and the next track “Rave On” introduces a killer synth line that captures the vibe of a warehouse rave.

“Empire” is the last of the tracks to also feature on the vinyl and it touches on being euphoric, but with an unsettling undertone that creates an exciting tension. Finished by “Meteora” which is only available via download stores in a digital format, the fifth track adds some nice contrast with an almost ethereal feel to the pads that are an opposing force to the bang of the drums.

We have talked a lot about the impressive style of the tracks, but want to also draw focus on the guys behind the release, as Richey V and Simone Zino show a class that makes us curious to hear more.

Both of the duo’s members seem to have released separately from one and other with a couple of tracks coming via noteworthy labels such as Phobiq.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.