Spring Summer Fall Winter is a compilation series compiled by Davide Squillace for his label This And That Lab. Split into two parts, every edition has a Part A and Part B with four tracks on each half. This time round it features music from Italoboyz along with Allen (IT) and some fresh talent in the form of solo artists Isa Rojas and Atsou.

Part A hits store one week before the second half and it’s a mixed bag covering a broad selection of styles ranging from minimal to melodic house. Depending on individual taste it’s no doubt people will each have their own favourite track, but for us it was Atsou’s track “Sylvie” that caught out attention most.

Greek artist Atsou is still relatively new having made only one other release prior to this one, but that was put out on the highly regarded Kindisch label.

His track on this release is in the realm of melodic house with sweeping synths and tribal chanting combined with shuffling rhythms and tribal style percussion. Its lead synth is thick and rich in comparison to the more delicate textures surrounding it, but that adds to its personality giving it a rather unique sound.

The whole EP is definitely worth checking out as all of the tracks certainly have a time and place on most dance floors, and it would be a useful edition to the music collection of most DJ’s or electronic music connoisseurs.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE.

TNTSSFW04A - Various - This And That Lab