Sol Selectas drops a mammoth compilation usually featuring over 20 tracks from a mixture of artists based all over the world, and soon to drop is the fourth edition in the series titled Summer Sol IV.

The label is run by Sabo who has hand-selected each of the 25 tracks from artists based all over the world, as the concept of the release is about music that takes influence from different cultures.

Some of the tracks are downtempo with a focus on tribal percussion, and others are more orientated around melody using chord structures associated with specific a countries folk law.

On the release are many tracks that stand out for one reason or another, but here at Him Self Her we were particularly drawn to one by Nour titled “Fellaheen”.

Nour is an artist from Palestine and she has previously featured tracks on Talavera Records where she did an EP in collaboration with LamatUuc. This is only the second official release she has featured on and it’s her first done as a solo artist.

Centred around the frantic melodies of a storytelling flute, Fellaheen has rhythmic synths and earthy percussion that add to its aura of enchantment. Intricate and imaginative this is just one of the many tracks to have caught our attention from Summer Sol IV.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE

SOL070 - Various - Summer Sol IV