Luca Marchese is an Italian techno artist who has been steadily on the rise building up a back catalogue including music released on Respekt, Kraftek, Phobiq, Tronic and AnalyticTrail.

The latest label to feature the work of Luca Marchese is Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s Intec. Titled the Breaking Silence EP it’s a two track release and it’s one of his strongest releases to date.

Some of the people already supporting the release include people like Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot and Ramiro Lopez suggesting that this is going to prove popular once it’s released on the 28th of July.

Breaking Silence is the title track and of the two on the release it’s the more understated with stabbing acid and swelling bass textures inside of it’s dark atmosphere, but for us the first cut “Alien Biosymmetry” was the stand out offering.

Instantly more aggressive Alien Biosymmetry is the hardest thing on the EP, and it’s in your face sound is full of pulsating rhythms and thrashing percussion. Offset by the mesmerising melodies of the breakdown, there are some serious peaks and troughs that always light up a dancefloor.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE

ID182 - Luca Marchese - Breaking Silence EP