Him Self Her - Zakir

Sol Selectas have released some of 2019’s most stand out tracks and they have already got the new year off to a fantastic start with an EP from Zakir.

Zakir is born of Russian heritage and is a family man with a young daughter that will often join him in the studio to play with her toys while he works on music.

Paying homage to the influence of his young daughter, this EP features the sound of those toys, which give this release a personal meaning deeper than just the sound of the tracks, as it will also spark memories of the joyful family moments spent with his child.

The opening track “Toy Carousel” has a down tempo acid-line that has a hypnotic rubbery tone which gives it a trippy vibe. Shuffling high-end percussion and a gentle kick drum give a rigid foundation with a spacious mid-section filled with acid and other pad sounds. Overall there is something of an aerobic vibe to this track which has nomadic melodies reminiscent of desert landscapes.

“Whirligig” is number two of the originals, and it’s got a similar vibe, but slightly more up tempo, which translates into a more energetic cut with added dance floor appeal. With spiritual vocals combined with acid, this is a unique sounding release that also features remixes by Kadosh and Kincaid.

Kadosh cuts away the acid in his stripped back remix of Toy Carousel, while Kincaid gets low slung and spaced out with his remix of Whirligig.

Although Kincaid will already be well known to Sol Selectas fans because of his previous contributions to the labels, Kadosh makes his debut following previous works on the likes of microCastle, Watergate and Innervisions.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.