Head Of Clouds

It’s always a pleasure when a new artist or label presents a piece of music that makes you stop and pause for a moment so you can give it your full listening attention.

Little is known about Head Of Clouds except it’s a Spanish artist who clearly makes exceptional music. From the quality of the first release titled “Almond Eyes” it wouldn’t at all be a surprise if this is a new project from someone already established under another name, as its audio quality far surpasses your average debut.

Intensely uplifting and magically charming, it’s got a compelling atmosphere that can only be described as triumphant. The audio captures that same feeling you might get from the self-satisfaction of finishing a marathon when your body is full of endorphins.

A majestic piano riff opens the show, and it’s soon joined by a sombre bassline that’s heartfelt emotion contrasts with the uplifting melody of the synth line.

Stripped back and from a distance quite simplistic, it’s the subtle precision of the sound manipulation that keeps you hooked. Slowly building suspense it’s got a thought-provoking mood that’s both warm and soothing.

Probably closer to the ambient electronica category than house or techno, but it’s still got elements that could work on a dance floor, and it would make a great intro or outro for any DJ set.

We are definitely excited to hear more from this project, as rarely does something show so much promise straight out the gate.

You can pick up a copy HERE