Dyrwalk is the label of techno artist Dyno who recently dropped his new release on the imprint.

Selva Oscura is the name of Dyno’s new EP, and it features two original tracks from the Italian artist who’s based in Pesaro. Dyno has recently released music on other labels including Sisko Electrofanatik’s Gain Records, but he also has an extensive back catalogue that stretches back to the ‘90s.

UMEK’s 1605 and Coyu’s Suara are just two of the other labels that feature his music, and this new release on Dyrwalk has picked up support by people DJs ranging from Drumcode’s Veerus to the mighty Scottish duo Slam.

Both of the two tracks on the Selva Oscura EP are in a similar style, and utilise stripped back grooves with lots of space for dark atmospherics.

First of the tracks is “Selva”, which along with streamlined percussion rhythms that flow with mechanical precision, is lead by dubby, industrial textures that are washed in delay to create a cavernous sensation of epic proportions.

“Oscura” is second of the tracks, and it’s equally as titanic in proportions, but draws focus on the fast-flowing percussion and thrashing hi-hat. It’s also less rigid with a breakbeat style skip to the kick drum rhythms, which add to the unfolding tension.

Definitely one for the club, but with enough depth for home listening, this release is perfect for those who want a more intelligent take on techno.

Out now, you can pick a copy HERE