And if we Follow’ is the 4th release on new record label District 47, and it’s a deep tech track that has a hypnotic groove.

The music is from RawW, who has also provided the label’s previous three releases. He is a Spanish artist who heads up the District 47 record label in addition to the event of the same title.

District 47 events have so far booked the likes of Fedele and Patrice Bäumel with RawW also being a key inclusion on the line-ups.

Those event bookings represent the melodic synths sometimes used in RawW’s tracks, but he also has a techier side that focuses on percussive energy and modulating basslines.

And if we Follow certainly leans more towards his techy side, as it opens with ticking high-end percussion and dramatic snare hits while a throbbing bassline slowly fades from underneath.

Eerie suspense fills the track as it slowly swells with energy as the filters open and the synths grow to engulf the dance floor.

Sitting somewhere between deep techno and tech house, this release is another well-produced track by the emerging Spanish talent.

It’s out on the 28th of April, and you can buy a copy HERE