1605 is a record label that has been a leading record label within the techno genre these last few years and its latest release is from Germany’s AKKI (DE).

AKKI (DE) is no stranger to 1605 after releasing a track called “Balthazar” on one of the record label’s mixed artist releases, and this time he is back with a new EP featuring two tracks.

Based in Frankfurt, AKKI (DE) is already well-known on the German scene following DJ performances at the country’s leading events such as Nature One festival. His high-energy techno productions have brought him to the attention of the world and he has the DJ skills to back up his production talent.

UMEK was not the first person to discover AKKI (DE), as prior to featuring on 1605, he had already contributed tracks to other influential record labels including CODEX and Terminal M. He had also collaborated on music with the Cosmic Boys who are a French duo also linked to 1605 in addition to their own record label, Legend.

“Loneliness” is the EP’s title track and it opens the release with an unstoppable momentum that builds with energy as the track unfolds. The slamming percussion and uplifting lead synth make the perfect combination. Second is “The End” which features an acid synth and sensual vocals alongside rising synth pads and a heavy kick drum.

Both tracks are great and it’s definitely a double A-side release, but Loneliness is the one that grabbed our attention most.

Out now, you can buy a copy HERE