Sam WOLFE makes his return to UMEK’s 1605 with a new techno EP featuring two original tracks

Fans of 1605 will already be familiar with Sam’s music, as this is his fifth time the American artist has worked with UMEK’s record label. He has also featured music on other noteworthy imprints including Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds and Christian Smith’s Tronic.

This time Sam is working as a solo producer, but many of his previous releases on 1605 have been collaborations made with others such as KILL SCRIPT, Kreecher and Rebel Boy for example. This time, the release moves into a new direction featuring vocals by Anadi and Gāuri.

The title track “Out of Phase” opens the release with the roar of its monstrous synth lines that jump forth from the speaker. The pounding kick drum and sadistic vocals by Anadi add to the unfolding mayhem that’s ready to set the dance floor alight.

“Gone” is next and it’s in a similar vein to the first cut with its pulsating bassline, explosive percussion and signature vocals by Gāuri. It’s a little more percussion focused and the vocals are more seductive than sadistic, but it’s still a dark and intense cut of techno.

You can buy a copy HERE.