ITAI continues the Unfinished series on his record label, The Teddy Bear Lounge, with a track called “When It Gets Stormy.” He is a saxophone player who mixes his love of musicianship with electronic sounds to create dynamic tracks that range from organic house to melodic techno.

When It Gets Stormy is the 7th instalment in the Unfinished series, and it’s a cinematic track that has an ‘80s vibe due to its rich synth sounds and prominent use of electric guitar. There is also a haunting violin that alongside ethereal pads, gives the track an epic sound.

The raw percussion is sequenced into simple rhythms that hold the groove while the intricate melodies and musicianship hold the listener’s attention.

Finding support with DJs ranging from Deer Jade to Niki Sadeki, the track has an improvised feel that isn’t always present in electronic music, and its solid percussion ensures its melodic groove has got a place on the dance floor.

This is ITAI’s last release of 2023, and it’s exciting to see what will come next from his Unfinished series, as so far there has been a lot of variation from the project.

Pick up a copy of the new release HERE.