Alex Dolby

Prepare for a joyride through the cosmos with Alex Dolby‘s latest release, Multiple Visions, under his fresh label endeavour, Sequenzial Shift. Dolby’s musical odyssey ventures into uncharted territories of abstract soundscapes and analogue experimentation.

Alex Dolby is a respected and experienced electronic music maestro whose talent is evident in every beat on show. He has received recognition on labels like as Marco Bailey’s MB Elektronics and Emmanuel’s ARTS. In Multiple Visions, he unleashes a kaleidoscope of gritty concepts, dystopian forms, and dub techno influences that will take listeners on an incredible journey.

Get ready to groove to the warm and sumptuous bassline of “Ordinary Days,” embark on a trippy vibe through the abstract realms of “Night Shift,” and dive headfirst into the bubbling melting pot of sonic exploration in “Corrosive Friends.” With each track, Dolby injects a strong sense of creativity, infusing acid-influenced hooks and sizzling surface noise that will capture your mind and body.

As the album unfolds, he manages to add the dreamy tones of “Ghost,” before embarking on a dark and moody voyage of the closing cut “Blind Channel.”

Alex Dolby proves once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music, delivering a quality adventure in sound design that’s as exhilarating and challenging the norms.

You can buy the music HERE.