Him Self Her - Amentia

American label Sol Selectas is run by Sabo and unsurprisingly has a sound similar to that of the label owners DJ style. The labels output varies between melodic House and down tempo Electronica, where the new release from French artists Amentia sits central in the labels spectrum of styles.

Those already familiar with Amentia via their releases on labels including Chapter 24 Records, Traum and Merkaba Music, will have heard the thoughtful production that goes into their tracks, and Miracle D’Hwange is perhaps their best to date.

Deep, melodic synths, spiritual roots and tribal percussion give the release a light and breezy uplifting feel that might not be suited to all DJ’s, but the concept behind the release makes it a unique listening experience.

The EP was inspired by Zimbabwe and is based around following the Zambezi River, with the first track “Victoria” representing the Victoria Falls which is a part of the river, and one of the most grand waterfalls in the world. The second track “Antelope” follows the idea of an antelope running alongside the river, and the final original track “Miracle D’Hwange” pays homage to the town of Hwange and the tranquillity of its surrounding countryside.

It’s rare for electronic music suited to a club to have such a strong theme running through it with only three original tracks, but it’s even more unusual to hear it pulled off with such style and finesse.

Also featured here are two remixes, the first from Swiss artist Canson who slows down and strips back Victoria, adding a lush new dimension to proceedings for those who wish to go even deeper.

Los Angeles based Armen Miran also throws his hat in the ring with a magical rework of the title track, focusing on groove and flow with feint hints of the original version shining through.

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