Him Self Her - Matt Sassari

Matt Sassari is a French producer whose music has featured on labels ranging from Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records to Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, and his most recent release titled Brigade Mordor is on Carl Cox’s imprint Intec Digital.

Also a popular DJ with forthcoming gigs in Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic, we have been long-time fans of Matt Sassari, and caught up with him to discuss his new release on Intec…

> For the people reading this who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your style, and the key elements that define it?

I would describe my style as Techno or Tech House with a punchy sound and nice groove for letting the people dance, as the key for me is to try to make something that makes people want to dance.

> Your most recent release is on Carl Cox’s label Intec, I understand it’s your first solo EP for the label, could you tell us a little about the EP, and any concepts behind the music?

In this EP I tried to make something dark and explosive with a great build up in the middle of the track. I called the EP “Brigade Mordor” because of its dark atmosphere… Mordor is where the evil people live in Lord Of The Rings, so you could definitely imagine playing the track there lol.

> Previously you had featured on Intec alongside D-Unity, and through those collaborations released some of the labels most popular music including your track “Fired Up”. Are there any more D-Unity collaborations in the pipeline?

Yeah really happy about “Fired Up”, as it was one of Intec’s best selling tracks of 2016. Currently D-Unity and I have no new collaborations planned, but I’m sure we will do something in the future.

> When working in the studio do you use any specific bits of equipment that are essential to your sound?

My studio is all software based with an iMac, soundcard, monitor speakers and headphones… I’ve never needed any more than that to make music. I usually only use samples, and try to change their original sound, so it’s totally transformed into something new and unique to me. I use a lot of effects to process things, and I’m always trying to make something different.

> Do you have any new releases or forthcoming gigs we should be on the lookout for?

Yes a lot of stuff is coming soon, and I’m really looking forward to 2018. After Intec I have a two track EP on Green Velvet’s label Relief, and a really special release called “La Queen”. Apart from those I’ve also got 4/5 other releases already confirmed for next year, so 2018 is going to be a really big year for me!

> Could you give some advice or words of wisdom to any aspiring producers who would look to your music for inspiration?

I really like Dense & Pika, Reset Robot and Tiger Stripes, as those guys make great music, but my advice to others would be to always try to make your own signature sound, which is personal just to you.

> Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, we like to finish our interviews with a couple of questions that are a little bit light hearted… without getting to personal, could you tell us something many don’t know about you?

Except for Techno and Tech House I’m really into fashion and like collecting sneakers, watches and clothing. I’m also a huge soccer fan, and love to find cool things in other countries that have fashions different to Europe, so when I come home I have some really cool things that no one else is wearing.

> You don’t need to mention names, but what’s the most “outrageous” thing you have ever seen happen in a club… was it something outrageously brilliant, like a blindfolded DJ mixing seamlessly and scratching with their elbows, or something outrageously cringe-worthy, like some embarrassing drunk guy urinating on the dancefloor?

Nothing crazy is coming to my mind, but I did once see a resident DJ selling drugs during the middle of his set :-S

> Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Matt, and for those looking to buy your Intec release it can be purchased …HERE…