The new release on Sabo’s label Sol Selectas comes from Swiss artist Canson who boasts previous releases on labels like KATERMUKKE, Cityfox and Bar 25 Music.

Featuring on the release is a remix from Ninze, a German artist also known for being one half of the NINZE & OKAXY duo, with releases on imprints such as Tal der Verwirrung and Underyourskin Records.

Both of Canson’s original tracks have slow-mo grooves, an Egyptian influenced sound, with strings, Arabic flutes, and spiritual vocals that hum sensual tones. All of the tracks on the release are rich in percussion, and have a deep atmospherics that paint sonic tapestries.

We have been honoured with this exclusive first play of Ninze’s remix of “Kolumbus” which is striped back and slow building with haunting synths. Captivating and intricate with delicate textures, this down tempo ethereal rework is master crafted to perfection.

You can pre-order the release from HERE.

SOL058 - Canson - Nothing To Guide EP