Him Self Her - P-Ben

France is often considered to be a country of people that like the finer things in life, and French techno is no exception. French label A-TRACTION Records is certainly one example that meets this connoisseur stereo type, with an impressive back catalogue including everyone from DJ Hell to Dima aka Vitalic.

A-TRACTION’s new one is a five tracker from P-Ben whose high calibre productions have previously been a feature of Josh Wink’s Ovum, Kevin Saunderson’s KMS, Pig&Dan’s ELEVATE, and Florian Meindl’s FLASH.

Taking no prisoners, this EP showcases the harder side of P-Ben’s style, and the punishing grooves prove that hard can also be stylish.

The title track “File Station” has clean production with pulsating synths that lead into bass heavy stabs that add depth to the otherwise pounding track. Getting darker, the second track “Dense Avec Les Loups” hypnotises with its looped groove shaped by filter sweeps.

Things get ravey with the stuttering groove of “End Of The Chapter One” and like the title suggests it marks a subtle change in the EP’s style, with the fourth track “Exam” having a slightly deeper sound with remnants of the classic Detroit style.

Wrapping a ribbon bow around this neat little package is Marc Ayats & Owlk Remix of the title track, and they add some acid to File Station as part of their intense rework, which sounds like it’s been taken from the soundtrack of a slasher style horror movie.

The release is out now, and you can pick up a copy from HERE.