Him Self Her - Steevio

Steevio is a UK based artist and Modular Synth expert who’s also the founder of the Freerotation festival in wales which he runs with his partner Suzybee, and his latest release in on Madrid based label Clockpoets run by Doob, Armie and Javi Green.

Anyone familiar with Steevio knows his distinctive trademark sound of stripped back deep techno with jazzy melodies to intricate rhythms, and his bespoke Euro Rack modular synths are the stuff of legend amongst music equipment enthusiasts.

Everything including each individual drum sound is produced using his modular synth and the only digital element of his set up is the computer used to record the audio output. His tracks are often made in a single take and his live sets are often unrehearsed organic jams where anything could happen.

Often electronic music is based around drum machines and samples, but Steevio’s production style goes far beyond this, and proves that electronic music really can be considered an art form.

The title track “Fairphone” opens the EP with bleeping melodies and dystopian sound design with a moody atmosphere. “Pollinators” is the more fragmented second cut with broken rhythms, and “Lloergan” is the last of the three tracks with an upbeat mood and fluttering melodies.

Closing the release is a remix by the label owners who collectively release under the alias of Clock Poets. Their experimental version of Fairphone has bits of the original synths sporadically sequenced to a breakbeat groove with glitchy fast flowing rhythms.

You can pre-order a copy of the release from HERE