Him Self Her - Doubt

Don’t Be Afraid is a UK label headed up by Semtek and with a focus towards vinyl, the label boasts an impressive roster including releases that have featured the likes of Neville Watson and Mr. G.

The latest offering from Don’t Be Afraid is a four track EP from Doubt who returns to the label fresh from a recent outing on DVS1’s label Mistress, and has also released on Disposable Commodities, plus featured a remix on Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records.

Each of the tracks on this EP brings something different to the table with the opening track “April” kick-starting things with jazzy flutters of a looped melody layered with a more sparse and delicate countermelody. Stripped back and rich in analogue warmth, its hypnotic groove sets the scene for what’s to come.

Bad Plans” is also the EP’s title track and with a sci-fi vocal sample and bass-heavy grove with shuffling rhythms, it has a thick set sound and dark atmosphere, which leads nicely into the third track titled “What Is Happening” that has eerie textures with soulful synth stabs.

Tinged with an electro influence “Samusex” finishes of the EP with dystopian sounds and unnerving atmosphere that sounds like the soundtrack to an ominous scene from Blade Runner, or perhaps even a horror movie. Nonetheless, it’s still a very functional track that will no doubt feature is the opening track to a number of DJ sets.

You can pick up a copy of the vinyl from HERE, and the digital from HERE.