Him Self Her - Sabo & Amine K (Moroko Loko)

American label Sol Selectas new release is a distinctive and incredibly creative EP produced by label owner Sabo. Working in collaboration with Amine K, the two original cuts pay homage to Morocco where Amine K (Moroko Loko) is based.

Amine K whose previous productions have been featured on labels such as Selador, Souvenir Music and Systematic is based in Marrakesh, and the EP is centred around session recordings made using a selection of instruments traditional to the local area.

Carefully sequenced so not to lose the flow of the live musicianship, the lead track “Tiniri” has a vibrant sound with a vocal recorded in the traditional Berber language, which is native to Morocco. The first cut for some might be a bit overpowering with the vocal being quite distinctive, but for people who prefer a subtler rhythm-based style of house there is also a dub version.

Both versions of “Tiniri” have a fantastic free following groove and there is also a remix from Matthias Meyer who known for his expert consistency, doesn’t disappoint. Working in a classic remix style none of the tracks main elements are lost, but sequencing his own drums and other backing track sounds he has reworked it into a new tightly sequenced groove.

The EP’s other original composition titled “Amanar” is closer to being straight up house, and its uplifting synths and other melodic components have a nomadic feel along with Arabic style chord structures. At the forefront is a trumpet with an unusual crackling effect which gives it a rather dusty sound, as though it were being played in the middle of a desert or storm.

Some might call this EP tribal house and others, world music influenced electronica, but whichever genre it falls into it has certainly got charisma and a functional sound suited to a club dance floor.

The release is out now can an be purchased from HERE