Him Self Her - Dudley Strangeways

One of Nottingham’s finest, Dudley Strangeways is the production and DJ moniker of Mark Pearson, who along with heading up his own label Leftback with Michael Mclardy, has also featured on Kina Music, Little Helpers and Ovum Recordings.

Dudley Strangeways new one is forthcoming on Pleasure Zone which focuses mainly towards vinyl and has a roster of artists including the likes of Subb-an, plus Matt Star.

Titled “Rondo’s Return” the three track EP has a stripped back and techy style of murky house that Dudley Strangeways fans have come to expect.

“Show And Tell” has a rippling synth line fused by ambient textures and shuffling hi-hats complete with a moody vibe that’s both abstract and intricate.

Getting weird and twisted, track two “Rondo” moves the focus to the percussion with warped vocals and what sound like field recordings, adding an unpredictable element.

Finished off with the sparce piano keys and pitched tom drums, “The Standard Return” is the final track and it’s by far the most ambient of the three.

Being subjective there is nothing ground breaking about the style of this release, as it sits comfortably within the confines of its genre. None the less, it’s a fine example of deep tech house done well, and is a must have for all who are into that style of music.

The release can be ordered from HERE.