Constant Circles is a label run by Just Her, with a concept based around life being a Constant Circle, where one idea feeds another in a never ending spiral, and linked to that aspect of the imprint is a mixed artist series titled “SPIRALS”.

SPIRALS often provides a platform for fresh talent new to the label, but it’s also where the label sometimes throws curveballs and features tracks from outside of the melodic style it is best known for.

Often blurring the lines between house and techno, the label already has an open minded music policy, and although there is no disputing the genre of NANCY’s acid techno track “Do Something”, all of the others are little harder to define.

D’Phault’s “Kalinga” opens the EP with its moody atmospheres and tribal percussion layered over a thickset undertone that is dark and rigid. The second track “Apologies” by Maximalism has a soothing vocal similar to the style sometimes used in Just Her’s own tracks, and on the EP this is perhaps the most that sounds like what some might expect from a standard Constant Circles release.

With a stripped back sound that layers ambience over a thick bass synth is the third track by Yungruzt titled “If You Ever Need Me”. Track four lifts it up a gear with Deeplomat & Dublatov’s track “Frida” which is a certified club track with hints of Paul Woolford’s influence.

NANCY brings the EP to a close with her aforementioned track which is a live recording made in a single take, and it’s a hard techno cut with a timeless style.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE.