Him Self Her - UNER

Some may already be familiar with the track Palkyong produced by UNER, and for those unfamiliar, there is now a re-release. Not only does it feature the original it also features a previously unreleased take called the “19 Version”.

We presume the title of 19 Version is representative of the fact it’s a late 2018 release, so the tracks on this EP released via Solar Distance will no doubt get much of their support in 2019.

Palkyong was originally released on Philip Bader’s label Out Of Mind, and the EP also features a remix from the label boss himself along with others by Rob Hes and Christian Burkhardt.

UNER who made the track is a highly respected artist with an accomplished back catalogue including many great labels such as Rebirth, Sol Selectas, Exotic Refreshment, Last Night On Earth, and Saved Records.

The original is tightly sequenced with a beautiful piano part that has been made an even bigger part feature in the reworked version also made by UNER. Most notably the revised version has a vibrant conga loop that changes the energy of the track and lifts the mood.

Adding new feeling to the original, the reworked version on the EP more than justifies the re-release, and the two contrasting versions complement each other making a well-rounded EP of melodic house music.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE.