Him Self Her - Gero Jansen

Gero Jansen is the latest person to debut original music on Intec, which is the longstanding label of Carl Cox and his friend Jon Rundell. Being the first of the label’s 2019 releases it sets the bar high for those who are scheduled to follow.

This is not Gero Jansen’s first time featuring on Intec as a couple of years ago he remixed a Harvey McKay track for the label, but this is the beginning of him supplying original music.

We know from this release that Carl Cox is clearly a fan of his music, but others to have signed and release Gero Jansen’s tracks also include the likes of Cristian Varela, and we are told this EP has picked up DJ support from people including Sian, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pan-Pot and Wehbba.

Both of the tracks are cut from the same cloth with high impact drums and building tension hooking us in for a rollercoaster ride of excitement. Bass stabs and eerie vocals give “Changing” its individuality, and “Hypnotic” has stuttering stabs combined with the subtle acidity of the lead sound.

It’s very hard to pick out a favourite between the two tracks as both would provoke a hands in the air response if played at a similar point in the same DJ set, but “Hypnotic” stands out slightly in terms of having a more distinct sound compared to other examples from the same genre.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE.