Him Self Her - Silverlining

London based producer Silverlining has dropped a new EP on his own label Silverlining Dub’s to kick start 2019, and it’s pricked up our ears with its chunky sound full of imagination. Prior to this, Silverlining has also released on Reverberations, Eskimo Recordings and Wrong, but saves most of his music for output via his own imprint.

“Groundhog Rave” has a thick sound with synthesised tom drums that sound like someone banging sheet metal. With filter sweeps and bursts of white noise alongside ticking hi-hats and acid squelches, this analogue cut is a certified floor filler that falls somewhere between house and deep techno.

After the opening cut has set the scene, “Stolen Baggage” takes things down a notch with a tranquil lead synth that gives the track a thoughtful and introverted sound full of poignant emotion. The quirkily titled “Spinach, Mystery And Insult” is third with what’s titled the “2018 Remix”… having never heard the original version I can’t say what changed, but this cinematic version has a creepy melody with sweeping pads, and is very reminiscent of the Blade Runner soundtrack.

Wrapping up this charismatic EP is “Sticky Snails” that we have to say is another fantastic track title and the audio certainly lives up to its name. In stark contrast to the other originals, it’s an unexpected electronica take with broken beats and an eloquent piano. Short and sweet at only two minutes in length, it’s nice way to box off an EP.

For people looking for a club tool then “Groundhog Rave” would be the obvious pick, but on a whole it’s a very well made release that certainly deserves to be purchased in full, and people who are looking to buy a copy can do so from HERE.