Him Self Her - Raw District

Raw District has previously caught our attention on numerous occasions, and their new EP on Davide Squillace’s This And That is no exception. Each of the four tracks has their delectably deep sound rich in percussive textures and exuberant personality.

The duo behind the Raw District name is very accomplished also as solo producers, with Vernon Bara having contributed to labels ranging from Hot Creations to Visionquest. Currently focusing on their collaborative project, their joint tracks can be found on imprints including Moon Harbour and Crosstown Rebels for example.

On this EP they have also enlisted the vocal talents of Forrest whose lyrical genius features on “Long Dream” opens the EP, and for many will no doubt be the stand out track as it’s one of those spine-tingling cuts that has a dance floor groove mixed with haunting emotion.

“In Maluta” has a cavernous sound that’s all about atmosphere and allowing each of the sounds to the fill the track with energy from the floor to the ceiling. Rolling and stripped back, it drops the mood before “In Between” and “Spanning” pick up the pace.

Not quite techno but certainly more up tempo than your average house track, “In Between” is all about the pulsating tom drums that drive the track amidst dramatic effect bursts and the “radiating power” vocal.

“Spanning” has a classic progressive house vibe with tribal drums underlying ethereal pads with looped hypnotics and slow-building tension.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.